Hattie's Hat with Sarah Ault

  • Hattie's Hat 5231 Ballard Avenue Northwest Seattle, WA, 98107 United States


Promise the Moon will be playing along side Los Angeles's Sarah Ault as she makes her way through the NorthWest once again.  

Sarah Ault

Born and raised in Los Angeles, her lyrics are raw and honest testaments to love and heartbreak, and her self-written music provides a layered backdrop of piano, drums, violin and upright bass along with an eclectic mix of other, less traditional instruments. Her voice, at turns powerful and vulnerable, provides depth to songs that are as infectious as any Top 40 hit. At the April 2 release party for her first album The Pressure Beneath at Hollywood’s Hotel Cafe, Sarah demonstrated to the packed audience exactly why her popularity has grown so quickly. Not content to be a star of L.A.’s underground music scene, Sarah is ready to take on the world—and with her drive and talent, it’s only a matter of time.